About eccElearning

eccElearning is the world leader in online spine surgery education for surgeons, doctors, radiologists & physios. Find out more about us!

eccElearning was founded in 2015 with the goal of improving the quality, convenience and cost effectiveness of educating the next generation of young spine surgeons, for the ultimate purpose of improving the treatment of patients suffering spinal disorders.

eccElearning  assembled a highly respected and uniquely experienced international Scientific Editorial Board. Together, the editorial board developed the educational philosophy, or pedagogy, of the eccElearning postgraduate Spine Surgery Education Program and Diploma in Spine Surgery. 180 lectures were commissioned from over 130 of the world’s leading spine surgeons, clinicians and scientists – all experienced educators at the postgraduate level; see a list of the contributors on our Spine Surgery Faculty page.

Since these beginnings, we have expanded the number of courses available. From our original Diploma in Spine Surgery we can now also offer extra courses to a greater audience including the Specialist Certificates in Spine Radiology, Spine Physiotherapy, and Spine Trauma, as well as the Residents’ Spine Programme.

eccElearning is dedicated to excellence and continuous improvement in spine medicine education. We will develop and deploy new technologies with the capability to advance medical education and improve patient outcomes.

eccElearning encourages international collaborations with institutions and organisations who share the objective of advancing spine medicine education. eccElearning ‘s first collaborative partner is the European Spine Journal, the leading academic spine journal. The Spine Surgery Education Program is co-branded with the European Spine Journal. eccElearning also has a collaboration with OOT, the Open Operating Theatre, and much of the rich OOT library of high quality surgical videos, Master Lectures, Grands Rounds and symposium lectures is available through the eccElearning portal. For further collaborative opportunities, including creation and hosting of courses, please contact us.

The senior management team is led by Executive Chairman Prof Max Aebi, Director Geoffrey Andrews and CEO Fritz Rechberg, assisted by Lynda Connon ACMA the Finance Director and Louis Pfitzner, Non Executive Director.

eccElearning is the trademark of eccElearning Limited, a company registered in England.