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Prof Petr Suchomel is a highly experienced Spine Surgeon and a key member of the eccElearning Spine Surgery Education Programme faculty. The Spine Surgery Education Programme contains 180 Spine Surgery Lectures, and contains Specialist Certificates and the full Postgraduate Diploma in Spine Surgery. The eccElearning Faculty is made up of over 140 expert spine surgeons and educators. They have collectively supported the development of the world’s first comprehensive, online postgraduate education programme in a medical sub-speciality, spine surgery.

Prof Petr Suchomel - Spine Surgery Faculty - eccElearning

Prof Petr Suchomel, MUDr

  • Neurocenter, Hospital of Liberec, Liberec

Contributions of Prof Petr Suchomel

Complications and Revisions in upper cervical spine Lecture Thumbnail

Lecture: Complications and Revisions in upper cervical spine

DOI 10.28962/01.3.157

Complications in upper cervical spine (UCS) surgery are rare but potentially lethal due to upper cervical spinal cord, vertebral artery VA. Beside known complications there are some specific complications caused by unique UCS anatomy, biomechanics and different load distribution UCS revision surgery is rarely performed and is much more difficult than primary one because of the reasons mentioned upwards but even more complicated by failure of previous treatment, scarring and/or recurrence or progression of disease.