Lecture Subscription Add-ons

A new pathway to our Diploma in Spine Surgery

Enhance your Spine Lecture Subscription with these online add-ons direct from our full Spine Diploma

You can now gain the full Diploma in Spine Surgery qualification from a Lecture Subscription plan by enrolling and successfully completing the Diploma assessments.

How it works

1. Choose Your Add-on

Choose your required Module Exam, Tutorial or Surgical Skills Assessment.

2. Arrange a date/time

Email support once you’ve enrolled on your chosen add-on to arrange a suitable time and date


3. Take your Add-on online

Once scheduled, take and pass your chosen add-on online for it to count towards the full Diploma.

4. Complete all Add-ons

Once you’ve completed all Lectures, Exams and Tutorials, you will be awarded the Diploma in Spine Surgery.


All add-ons are online and can be taken anywhere in the world with no need to travel

Module Examinations


€99 each

Each of our nine spine Modules has an online, multiple-choice question, invigilated, 60-minute examination.  You must have completed all Lecture Assessments within a Module before you can take the Examination.



€299 each

Each Tutorial is an online case-based group discussion under the tutelage of one of our world-class spine surgeon faculty. There is one Tutorial for each Module 2-9. Tutorials can only be taken if you have passed the relevant Module Examination.

Surgical Skills Assessment


The Spine Surgical Skills Assessment can be undertaken once you have passed each of the Module Examinations and Tutorials, and viewed all the Surgical Access Films. You will perform and film a spine surgery at your institution. One or more experienced spine surgeons will review the operation footage and question you online about your decisions, actions and further spine surgery knowledge.

Awarded the Diploma in Spine Surgery

Pass all Module Examinations, attend all Tutorials, view all Films and successfully complete the Surgical Skills Assessment.

Lecture Subscriptions

If you haven’t already, you can sign-up for a Lecture Subscription. You need to be on a Subscription plan before booking an Exam, Tutorial or Assessment.

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