Spine Radiology Course – Specialist Certificate

About this course

This online spine radiology course is a Specialist Certificate in spinal imaging and covers state-of-the-art knowledge in spine radiology.

Course structure: It is made up of 13 online Lectures (Lecture List PDF) in four Knowledge Packages. You can purchase and work through the Radiology Certificate package-by-package. The Knowledge Packages are:

Assessment: Each of the 13 Lectures has an online assessment, and there is a final online exam that must be passed successfully to be awarded the certificate.

Location: This course is completely online, so no travel necessary. You can study at your own pace, wherever there’s an internet connection.

Eligibility & who this course is for

There are no strict eligibility criteria for this course. Anyone can take it if they think the educational contents would be interesting or useful to them.

As it is focused on imaging of the spine, it is suitable for all Radiologists and Radiographers from Resident up to Professor level.

Radiology Technologists may also find use from the course if they need specific information on imaging of spine conditions.

How to enrol on this course

This course can be purchased and started immediately – just click the Enrol Now button to get started.

Enrolment Fee: €699

Enrolment Fee: €669

Enrolment Fee includes:

  • 13 online lectures in video format with English transcription
  • Pre- and post- learning assessments for each lecture
  • Additional learning materials
  • Examination
  • Final certificate

CME Credits: 39 CME Credits available

Tuition language: English

Study Commitment: Self-paced, but we recommend you study 7hrs per week on average to complete the course within 2 months

Duration: 12 Months Access


Editor: Prof Alberto Zerbi

What you will cover in this Spine Radiology Course

This online spine radiology course covers the range of imaging modalities available for evaluation of the spine, how to deploy them effectively for the full range of patients and conditions you encounter (Lecture List PDF).

It is made up of 4 Knowledge Packages – each focused on a particular aspect of spinal pathology – Degenerative Spine, Deformed Spine, Traumatised Spine, and Post-Operative Complications.

The imaging modalities available in the management of patients with degenerative spine conditions are covered, as well as interventional radiology techniques for pain relief.

Radiological assessment of spinal deformities including scoliosis, kyphosis and spondylolisthesis is addressed, together with the differences between imaging protocols in children and adults.

Imaging for fractures and trauma of the spine is covered, including pathologies in the subaxial cervical spine, the occipito-cervical junction and thoracolumbar spine injuries.

The range of imaging modalities available for evaluation of the spine is covered in detail, when and how to use each technique effectively, and what to look for in early and late post-operative complications.

Learning Objectives

  1. To become knowledgeable of relevant imaging modalities, including X-rays, MRI, CT, bone scans and EOS, used in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of all spinal pathologies
  2. To be able to recognise and classify pathologies of the spine using imaging techniques and diagnostic algorithms
  3. To understand the role of interventional radiology in the spine
  4. To understand the interrelation between cost, information and safety of radiation exposure
  5. To be able to use appropriate imaging algorithms to recognise and define post-operative complications

Note: This spine radiology course specialist certificate cannot be used as a route towards our Spine Surgery Diploma.

Target Groups


working in support of a spine surgery service

Trainee Radiologists

seeking to support their spine-specific training

Practicing Spine Surgeons

in Orthopaedic or Neurosurgical services for Continuing Education or recertification

Lectures in this Module

You can browse the individual Lecture in this Module below, or download a PDF of our Radiology Specialist Certificate Lecture List.

1.14 Imaging Studies of the Spine
2.4 Imaging in Degenerative Cervical Conditions
2.6 Diagnostic Injection Studies (Interventional Radiology)
3.5 Imaging in Thoracolumbar Disc Herniation
3.13 Imaging in Degenerative Lumbar and Sacroiliac Conditions
4.2 Adult Scoliosis and Kyphosis Radiological Assessment
4.19 Imaging in Spondylolisthesis
5.10 Paediatric Deformities: Imaging
6.3 Imaging of Subaxial Cervical Spine Injuries
6.8 Imaging of the Occipito-Cervical Junction Post-Trauma
6.13 Imaging of Thoraco-Lumbar Injuries
9.22 Imaging of Early Complications
9.23 Imaging of Late Complications
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Modules of the Spine Radiology Specialist Certificate Course

The Spine Radiology Specialist Certificate contains 4 Radiology Knowledge Packages. You can enrol on each Knowledge Package individually to spread out the cost of the Specialist Certificate. Find out more information on each Package by the links below:

Spine Radiology Specialist Certificate
Spine Radiology: Imaging in the Spine Basics & Complications Knowledge Package
Spine Radiology: Imaging in the Degenerative Spine Thumbnail
Spine Radiology: Imaging in the Degenerative Spine Thumbnail
Spine Radiology: Imaging in the Degenerative Spine Thumbnail

Editor of this Spine Surgery Course

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Spine Radiology Course – Specialist Certificate

  • 13 Online Spine Radiology Specialist Lectures
  • 26 Pre- and Post-Learning Assessments
  • Downloadable References from European Spine Journal, Spine, Open Operating Theatre and more
  • 39 CME Credits
  • Certificate Examination
  • 12 Months Access

Enrolment Fee: €669

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an eccElearning Specialist Certificate?

A: eccElearning Specialist Certificates are in-depth medical educational courses focused on a specific area of expertise - for example, Spine Trauma or Spine Tumours. They contain 3-6 Knowledge Packages and 13-23 online spine surgery Lectures and all materials associated with them, including narrated Lecture presentations, assessments, downloadable references, CME Credits and the Specialist Certificate Examination. You can work towards the full Spine Surgery Diploma qualification by completing all 9 of the Advanced Specialist Certificates.

Q: What does a Specialist Certificate include?

A: Specialist Certificates are made up of all the relevant Knowledge Packages in a given area, so include 13-23 Lectures. This means you get all online Lecture Presentations, downloadable references, pre- and post- learning assessments, CME Credits and the Certificate Examination. You will have access to all these materials for 12 months.

Q: Who recognises the Specialist Certificate?

A: All eccElearning Lectures are CME accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME), of the Union Européenne des Médecins Spécialistes (UEMS). EACCME credits can be converted into an equivalent number of American Medical Association PRA Category 1 Credits, so you can be sure the qualification is recognised internationally. eccElearning is also endorsed by the European Spine Journal.

Q: Is there a final exam?

A: All our Specialist Certificates have a final 1-hour multiple-choice Examination. The Examination is only able to be taken once all the Lecture Assessments for that Certificate have been completed successfully.

Q: Is there a time limit for completing a Specialist Certificate?

A: Yes, you have a study period of 12 Months, though typical completion time is 2-3 Months. 

Q: Can I request an extension?

A: Extensions are possible in justifiable circumstances. Contact us via our feedback/enquiry form to discuss your case.

Q: Can I try before I buy?

A: Yes. A free trial Lecture is available for you to review. Just register at www.eccelearning.com and navigate to Your Free Demo Lecture. 

Q: What payment methods are accepted?

A: All major credit and debit cards.

Q: What is your cancellation and refund policy?

A: Candidates may apply for a full or partial refund within 14 days of a purchase. A refund will only be granted if there has been no significant activity on the respective content by the candidate. Applications for refunds may be sent via the contact form.

Q: Is there an advantage to buying the Specialist Certificate, rather than the relevant Knowledge Packages?

A: Yes. It is more cost-effective to buy a Specialist Certificate, rather than all the relevant Knowledge Packages. You also get all of the downloadable references when you buy a Specialist Certificate. Knowledge Packages include only the 'Compulsory' reference materials.

Logos of Endorsed by European Spine Journal, CME Accredited by EACCME, Supported by Spine and Open Operating Theatre

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