Surgical Skills Assessment

Surgical Skills Assessment - Diploma in Spine Surgery

About this course

The Spine Surgical Skills Assessment is the final part of our Diploma in Spine Surgery.

You will perform and film a spine surgery in your institution. One or two experienced spine surgeons will then review the operation and question you about your decisions, actions and knowledge. The footage of the spine surgery should clearly illustrate the following:

  • Skin incision location
  • Surgical access to the spine (anterior / posterior / lateral or a combination)
  • Decompression and/or the instrumentation

If filming is not possible at your institution, other arrangements can be made for the Assessment – contact us for more information.

Location: The surgical skills assessment will usually be undertaken at your hospital or institution.

Pre-requisites: The Surgical Skills Assessment may only be attempted when you have completed, or are near to completing, the Diploma in Spine Surgery.

Who this is for: Fellows, Residents and Surgeons nearing completion of our Diploma in Spine Surgery.


Student information

The Surgical Skills Assessment is only available to students who have completed, or are very near to completing, all 9 Module Examinations and 8 Module Tutorials.

  • For Students who enrol on the Diploma Module-by-Module, there is an enrolment fee (€1969) for the Surgical Skills Assessment.
  • For Students who enrol on the full Diploma, there is no further payment.
Institution information

Institutions can arrange for us to independently assess their spine fellows and surgeons. Just contact us to find out more.

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