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OOT Spine Diploma Grant – Spring 2020

The OOT Spine Diploma Grant is for all Spine Surgeons, Fellows and late-stage Residents who want to enrol on our Diploma in Spine Surgery.

With a OOT Spine Diploma Grant, you can save over €3000 on the cost of enrolling on to the Diploma in Spine Surgery.

PLEASE NOTE: This Grant is no longer available – it ended 4 May 2020. If you’re interested in any current grants or bursaries, please book a free consultation with us.

The OOT Spine Diploma Grant

The OOT Spine Diploma Grant Fund allows Surgeons, Fellows and late-stage Residents to enrol on the eccElearning Diploma in Spine Surgery for a reduced cost.

There are just 15 Grants available on a first-come, first-served basis for both the Standard and Basic Packages of the Diploma in Spine Surgery.

Standard Package: Save €3291

The Standard Package includes all 180 Lectures, 8 live Spine Tutorials, 9 Module Examinations, 16 Structured Anatomy and Surgical Access Films and a Surgical Skills Assessment and more than 3000 downloadable references, including journal articles from the European Spine Journal, Spine and others.

Basic Package: Save €2501

The Basic Package is the same as the Standard Package but does not include any downloadable references.

How the OOT Grant works

Only 15 OOT Grants available in total

Grants on a first-come, first-served basis – only available until 4 May 2020.

Pay a €999 Non-Refundable Deposit

This deposit secures your Grant for three months, and you will get access to Module 1 immediately.

Pay the remaining amount by 6 July 2020

This will be €3999 for the Standard Package. If you want the Basic Package instead, you will pay €2999. We will contact you to confirm which you want.

Activate your full Diploma

Once we’ve received the remaining payment, we will send you the rest of the Module Activation Keys for you to complete the Diploma in Spine Surgery.

Want to talk to us about this grant?

Talk to us and ask any questions you like about this Grant or our courses by booking a free consultation.

ALL Grants have now been claimed.

Please visit our Grants and Bursaries page for other ways you can save money on our courses.

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