Spine Surgery Diploma cover image

Surgeon’s View Camera

A head-mounted hands-free camera for surgeons to film their operations. Lightweight, laser-beam focusing and full-HD recording. Films can be used for review, education and assessment purposes. Great for spine surgeons, fellows, and institutions.

Records in full HD

Lightweight - just 216g on the head


Long battery - up to 6 hrs

High Quality 16-Bit Audio Recording


Hands-free controls

Ideal for Spine Surgeons & Fellows

Surgeon’s View Camera

Creating videos of surgical operations has traditionally been very costly and unsatisfactory –  hands and tools easily block the view, and the camera always seems to be in the way of the surgeon.

The Surgeon’s View Camera is being developed as a solution for this problem: head-mounted video glasses, specifically designed for use during operations.


Camera Specifications

The Surgeon’s View Camera provides a first person view and a front-row seat to the worlds best surgeons. With a low weight, full-HD video recording, laser beam focusing and foot-operated controls.

  • Video: Full HD Video / 1920×1080 at 50 fps
  • Audio: Integrated audio recording / 16bit
  • Weight: 216 g
  • Recording Time: 6 hours

What can the footage be used for?

Document surgical procedures

Filming is preserved/archived, and may be reviewed for legal purposes

Better training & education

For practicing surgeons and trainees to see the current techniques and indications (example hosting: oot-esj.com)

Assess trainee surgeon progress

Record and review with the trainee what they’ve done well and what can be improved.


  • Foot Pedal (Red): wireless switching on and off of the laser beam for focusing
  • Foot Pedal (Blue): wireless switching on and off of the camera recording
  • Battery pack (Black): is in the pocket of the surgeon to keep the weight off the head
  • Head mount and Camera (White): lightweight at just 216g